Sunday, December 23, 2012

Looking for great SMART Content for Early Childhood?

Are you looking for great SMART Content for Early Childhood?  Whether you've been using your SMART Board interactive whiteboard for several years or several days, there are thousands of resources for you. 


The SMART Exchange website has thousands of free resources, created by teachers and publishers.  As of today, just under 50,000 files have been uploaded and shared by teachers in various subjects.  While anyone can preview the files before downloading them, one has to join as a member in order to download files.  You can check out the SMART Exchange at  I recently attended a webinar on using the SMART Board to teach Early Childhood.  Following the webinar, the webinar speakers were asked by SMART to recommend some of their favorite content on the SMART Exchange.  Here are their suggestions:

My Five Senses - for pre-k to grade 1, this lesson complements the book My Five Senses, by Aliki.  My Five Senses  is listed as an informational text in the Common Core State Standards.

Alphabetical Flowers - a great lesson for alphabetizing letters a few at a time

Math Mania - weekly math practice

Alphabet Skills - practice for skills and sequencing

Whiteboard Online Resources - tips for the teacher!

I was happy to see that one of the lessons they recommended (My Five Senses) was actually created by me!  

Have fun searching on the SMART Exchange.  The SMART Exchange has helped me tremendously.  When searching for content to use with your students, it would be a great idea to search for lessons including the tag SCLD (SMART Certified Lesson Developer).  These lessons have been developed by candidates seeking SMART Lesson Developer Certification.  They are evaluated on the usage of SMART Notebook and how technology has been integrated into the lesson using best practices.  The developers of these lessons (myself included) have put  a lot of time into developing high quality lessons - so you know these lessons are definitely worth taking a look at.   Now that I have become much more comfortable with using my SMART Board and SMART Notebook Software,  I am developing my own lesson activities which I am uploading to the SMART Exchange so other teachers and students will benefit from them.  I encourage you to do the same.  Remember - sharing is caring!

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