Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mystery Skype - To Where Are We Skyping Today?

A well known technology tool to be used for collaboration is Skype.  

Here is a quote from the fifth grade teachers Mrs. Cooper-Kesten and Mrs. Pollack on their experience of using Mystery Skype in their classrooms.

Mystery Skype is a fascinating new addition to our curriculum.  The students were enthusiastic and eager to meet new people from different parts of the world.  The students are also eager to continue.  Students had the opportunity to develop questions and ask their peers of their age questions about their location, which is part of the fifth grade curriculum.  The new technological advances have given us the opportunity to connect and collaborate with students from other parts of the world.  The students were so excited to use the new webcam and learn about the culture and geography of another country. We all thoroughly enjoyed  this opportunity to connect with others around the world and we look forward to additional Mystery Skype sessions throughout the year.