Thursday, February 5, 2015

If Change is So Good, Then Why Do So Many Resist It?

There have been many instances in my professional career when my colleagues, superiors, and I have been faced with the opportunity to change and try something new.  This change could be a new method in teaching, or simply a change to a school program or calendar.  In any case, I am usually open to change that will enable me to grow professionally.  I have found that at many times when I was enthusiastic about change, specifically opportunities that would foster my academic and professional growth, others were resistant.  If change is a good thing, then why are others resistant to it?

It's all about vulnerability.  When I take on a new a challenge - specifically one that is innovative and has not been accomplished by many, I am forced to step outside of my own comfort zone.  When I do this, I am faced with many unknowns; what do I need to do in order to be successful with this challenge, what is considered success in this challenge, and what will be if I am not successful with this challenge?  Further,if I  am not successful the first time, can I try again?  How many times can I try until I have tried enough?

In my position which is a Middle Leadership role, I am constantly interacting and trying to build positive relationships with many educators at my school.   At times, I need to step out of my comfort zone and become vulnerable.  Becoming vulnerable leads me to trusting my colleagues as well as teaching them that they can trust me.  Sometimes, due to lack of confidence, this might be difficult for me. Being vulnerable can easily lead me to taking things personally when my colleagues are resistant to me bringing about change.  However, being a reflective practitioner, I must remember that I am working towards a goal of improving the quality of learning for both educators and their students.

I honestly have not thought about all of this now.  I have learned that becoming vulnerable can be a positive trait; if it is done for the right reasons.  Becoming vulnerable enables me to try new things and learning from them.  After all, it's not about the outcome of the challenge.  Rather, it's about the learning process and taking what I have learned and applying it in the future.